Safety Related Documents

[updated 27 February 2017]


All individuals at Cal Poly Pomona who have contact with, or are in close proximity to University animals are required to complete and submit the risk assessment screening questionnaire on-line. For those unable to use the electronic form, a paper form can be submitted.

For questions on Biosafety and hazardous (chemical or infectious) agents or radiation use for protocols, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety office at 909.869.4697.  Additional forms may need to be completed for the Institutional Biosafety Committee for certain types of research.

Please read each question and assess your perceived exposure to animals. A yes answer to question #1 or #2 on the Risk Assessment Screening Questionnaire (RASQ) means you will be required to submit a Health History Questionnaire (HHQ).  After completion of the Health History Questionnaire an appointment must be made with the University’s Occupational Health Physician, Dr. De Stefano.  Call the Student Health Center at 909-869-4000 and make an appointment to see the Occupational Health Doctor to turn in an “Animal Handler Questionnaire.” Please schedule and complete the appointment as soon as possible.  No animal work will be allowed until this process is complete.  

Additional Materials