Centers and Institutes

Overview of Centers

Overview of Centers and Institutes at Cal Poly Pomona (Doc), version March 2017

Annual Report Submission

Submission of 2016-2017 Annual Reports for Centers/Institutes due June 1, 2017

Centers and Institutes

Establishing a Center

The establishment of Centers at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, supports the teaching, scholarly and research activity, and service missions of the University. The types of activities conducted by Centers are important to the development of new initiatives, to the partnering of students and faculty, and to the integration of the community into university partnerships.
Policy Guidelines for Centers (PDF)

Review of Centers

Per the agreement in the Centers/Institute policy document, each center/institute will be evaluated annually in their respective college/school or academic unit, but must submit a Five Year Performance Review to be reviewed through Academic Affairs in the same manner as the center/institute was created. This submission includes performance evaluation based on the original goals and objectives, and business plan as needed, to identify success of the unit, modification of the mission or business plan, and role in the academic strategic plan of department, college or Academic Affairs. Please complete the following review, attach the signature review sheet and submit to the first administrator responsible for your program.
Center/Institute Five Year Performance Review Form (PDF)
Centers and Institutes Review Schedule (PDF)