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Guidance Documents

Consent Forms, examples:

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Using Copyrighted Materials

Other Useful Information

  • Deception (PDF) - This is a one page document that outlines justifications for its use, variations on informing subjects, debriefing, and dehoaxing.  It is useful to introduce concepts; the PI is encouraged to obtain more information from other sources.
  • Reducing the Risk Factor with Audio and Video Taping (DOC) - this document, from a post to the IRB Forum list-serve, describes a tool and techniques to de-identify subjects when using these techniques.
  • link to the University of Rochester's (with appreciation!) "Guideline for Research using Social Media," pertaining to recruitment and other study activities (posted 12/19/14)
  • link to podcasts on various IRB topics including social media from the Human Research Protection Office at Washington University in St. Louis (with appreciation!) (posted 12/19/14)
  • - A tool to evaluate the readability factor of a document; especially useful for consent forms.