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24 & 27 Feb '15:  An upgrade to the eIRB has been installed.  It was supposed to fix the PRINT function errors (it was found that embedded HTML code from the Word document protocol in text cut-and-pasted into the eIRB causes problems, so it's recommended to use something like Notepad), change text of the system-generated emails when there is a status change (help the IRB office to improve the content), add the specific protocol URL to the content of the emails for easier access (forthcoming), as well as other minor issues.

4 Feb '15:   A new training guide (PowerPoint) has been posted, reflecting the updates and changes made in the 2015 version of the eIRB.  Go to the "Getting Started With a New or Existing Protocol" tab to access it.

27 Jan '15:   As the eIRB continues to be used, we are learning more of the intricacies and functions.  Users may find changes/variations in help text, re-structured questions, different drop-down menus, etc. between IRB protocols.  This is because the system retains the version of the protocol that the PI started with.  If something is not clear to you, please let the IRB staff know.

22 Jan '15:  The e-signing process has been improved.  This training PowerPoint explains the process.

14 Jan '15:  The compliance office is *very* pleased to report that the repair to fix the attachment of documents glitch has been fixed.  Recall that attachments are added at the file level by right clicking on the row.  A menu box opens.  An example is here with the paper clip showing a file was already attached.

04 Nov '14:  As we move forward with the eIRB submittal process, we want to remind the CPP research community that the IRB will no longer accept protocols that are uploaded as a Word doc or PDF.  As of October, all protocols must be filled out and submitted through the eIRB.

07 Aug '14:  The E-IRB has launched! We are excited to announce that the new electronic system for submitting protocols called the e-IRB is active as of today! Click on the “Basic Instructions to the e-IRB” tab to begin.

We want to remind all investigators that it is important to review the "Creating a New Protocol" training document and FAQ’s section before entering the e-IRB.

The IRB office staff knows that with the launch of the eIRB users will have questions and we are ready to help. Send an email to to submit any questions or to set up an appointment for training.  We are striving to put all "answers" into FAQs and the training PowerPoint.

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