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To request authentication: The eIRB refers to PIs and co-PIs as users.  To gain access to the eIRB, a user must be authenticated, which means the Research Compliance Office must create an account for you.  Send us an email to with details including:

  • Highest degree attained (PhD, MS, BS, associates, etc., as appropriate)
  • First and last name
  • Bronco ID (the nine digit number, which will eventually be used to link with CITI training data)
  • Bronco email (CSU Pomona email, e.g.,; Gmails and others don't work in the system)
  • Status (faculty, staff, student, unaffiliated, etc., as appropriate)
  • College and Department
  • Phone number


10 June '15:  All user email addresses were changed from to  No problems associated with the eIRB have been reported.

30 April '15:  The domain of the eIRB moved from the "" server to "" this morning.   Some have reported they needed to reset their automatic log-ins and pop-up blocker as a result.  The IRB wants you to know to expect this.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

25 March '15:  Revised training PowerPoint guides have been prepared and posted.  Go to the "Getting Started With Protocol" tab to access it, which has tips and basic instructions as sub-tabs.  See the e-signing process at training PowerPoint.   There are new FAQs.

19 March '15:  A new feature has been added to the eIRB system.  It is called the Pre-review and sign step.  Click on the link to access the document describing how it works with lots of screen shots.  It is designed to enable the research group of PIs to conduct and complete their protocol writing and e-signing before the PI sends the protocol to the IRB office.

6 March '15:  Recognizing that there have been instances of unanticipated software malfunctions while implementing the eIRB, the Board has decided to reverse a decision made last year about not accepting for submission MS Word document protocols (as was the former process).  The IRB has taken this action to ensure that human research on campus will not be delayed while the “bugs” are worked out.  Thus, Word protocols can again be submitted to the IRB via email ( and staff will assist in loading (“attaching”) them.  This step is still necessary in order to catalog them.  Other steps such as e-signing and reviewing will also be accommodated on an individual basis by the IRB office. 

The eIRB system as a process will continue to be implemented.  The IRB asks that PIs still use the features of the eIRB system and provide feedback about functionality.


We want to remind all investigators that it is important to review the "Creating a New Protocol" training document and FAQ’s section before entering the e-IRB.

The IRB office staff knows that with the launch of the eIRB users will have questions and we are ready to help. Send an email to to submit any questions or to set up an appointment for training.  We are striving to put all "answers" into FAQs and the training PowerPoint.

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