Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA)

RSCA (Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Program) 2018-2019 funding is provided by the Chancellor's Office to provide support to faculty efforts.

Each faculty Mini-Grant may take the form of up to $5,000 for research expenses, or a summer stipend equal to $5,000, or 3 WTU's of assigned time calculated at the rate of $2108 per WTU for a maximum of $6324. The Undergraduate Student Supplements are meant to supplement existing faculty-led efforts; these supplements will provide up to $5,000 in additional funds in student salaries, supplies and services, and/or travel.

Proposals submitted to this program must follow the RSCA guidelines available at the link provided below and will be reviewed by the Council for Graduate and Faculty Scholarship (Research Council), an elected committee consisting of a representative from each College. The committee will recommend support to the President via the Provost.

Applications must be submitted electronically by 5 PM on Friday, October 19,2018 through the InfoReady4 website: .  No hardcopies need be submitted.  Signed Dean and Chair evaluations are to be included with the online submission as "pdf" documents.

RSCA 2018-2019 Competition Documentation

RSCA 2018-2019 Guidelines (DOCX)

RSCA 2018-2019 Evaluation Criteria (DOCX)

RSCA 2018-2019 Template for Project Narrative and CV (DOC)

RSCA 2018-2019 Template for Dean and Chair Evaluations (DOC)

RSCA 2018-2019 Detailed Budget Information  (DOCX)

RSCA 2018-2019 Data Sheet 

RSCA Final Report Template