About Business Continuity

What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity is the ability of an organization to continue operations and services in the face of a disruptive event. It's about understanding, anticipating, and planning for events that threaten our mission, so that Cal Poly Pomona remains viable. Business Continuity is more than just the ability to recover from a disaster; it's the ability to continue operating before, during, and after.

How is this Different from Emergency Management?

Emergency Management plans for the protection and survival of individuals, focusing on health and safety.  Business Continuity plans for the protection and survival of the university as an organization.  Business Continuity is the “now what” that follows a disaster, and is concerned with ensuring that the university is positioned to return to full, normal operations as quickly as possible following an incident.    

Think back to the July 29th, 2008 earthquake.  Thankfully, emergency planning efforts ensured workplace safety and open communication.  But, what if you were told that you could never re-enter your building again?  You cannot retrieve any information from your desk or your computer, and you are expected to resume working conditions tomorrow. Where will you physically work if you no longer have workspace?  How will you continue working if all of your data is inaccessible?  How will you call your staff if all of their home numbers were located on your computer, which you cannot access?  Where will your staff report tomorrow morning?  The efforts that led you to safety are part of emergency planning. Ensuring your department will be able to resume operations is business continuity planning.

Why is Business Continuity Planning Important?

Failure to have an adequate continuity plan could lead to financial disaster, interruptions of academic classes, failure of research projects, delays in completing other mission critical activities, and a reduction in the quality of our university. Getting back to “business as usual” is imperative to protect the students, faculty, and staff that make the business of Cal Poly Pomona so successful.