Creating a Business Continuity Plan

Steps for Creating a Business Continuity Plan

  • Contact the Business Continuity Analyst who is available to discuss specific planning for your department, answer questions, and assist with completing your business continuity plan.

  • Review Tips for Effective Business Continuity Planning (PDF) and complete Kuali Ready, our online business continuity planning tool. For illustrative purposes, please see the sample plan (PDF) completed using Kuali Ready.

  • Departmental review. Put your draft plan through your department's customary process for review, changes, and approval.

  • In Kuali Ready, mark your plan COMPLETE on the Plan Home screen.

  • Communicate your plan to your staff. Distribute your plan document (electronic or printed) to your leaders/managers, and communicate the essentials of your plan to all of your faculty and staff.
  • Exercise your plan. Business Continuity Plans should be exercised on an annual basis, or more frequently as needed. The Business Continuity Analyst will assist you with designing exercises to familiarize your department's staff members with their roles and responsibilities as outlined in your plan. Plan testing also helps to ensure that systems and equipment are maintained in a constant state of readiness.

  • Update your plan (PDF). Business Continuity Plans should be reviewed at least annually and updated as frequently as needed. Changes to your operating procedures, processes, and key personnel should be reflected in your Business Continuity Plan as they occur.