Cal Poly Pomona's Business Continuity Program

Mission Statement

Cal Poly Pomona's Business Continuity Program is dedicated to preparing the campus to continue its services in the face of disruptive events. To accomplish this effectively, we are committed to assisting the campus in understanding, anticipating, and planning for events that threaten the campus' mission, so that Cal Poly Pomona remains viable.

The Business Continuity Program's Strategic Plan includes:

  • Campus-level planning and departmental planning
  • One planning process appropriate for all departments


  • Prepare campus to continue teaching, conducting research, and carrying out its mission despite adverse events
  • The goal is readiness, not creating business continuity plans
  • Total campus participation
  • Low administrative costs
  • Provide customers with appropriate resources, training, and user-friendly services
  • Provide ongoing training, plan testing, and plan maintenance
  • Conduct ongoing program assessment (of our methodology, our progress, our web-based tool)