Business Continuity Preparation

What Are We Planning For?

In a nutshell… everything! Business Continuity Planning includes all threats to an organization whether long-term, short-term, isolated, or campus wide. Attempting to identify and plan for each instance is nearly impossible so we have categorized four general scenarios to plan for:

•  Loss of Facilities and/or Equipment

•  Loss of Physical Data and/or Information Technology

•  Loss of People

•  Loss of Energy (water, electricity, gas)

How Can We Prepare?

Plan, plan, plan! Completing a business continuity plan using Kuali Ready is an excellent first step in the planning process. Because our core activities of teaching, research, and services are performed at the department level, arrangements and procedures enabling each department (or unit) to quickly respond to an event and return to performing its Critical Functions (DOCX) must be documented.