American Society for Engineering Education
Annual Conference
St. Louis, MO
June 18-21, 2000
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PowerPoint Presentation: Using Quality Function Deployment to Meet ABET 2000 Requirements for Outcomes Assessment

Matrix 1: Stakeholder vs. SKAA - An 18x24 matrix was used to evaluate the importance of each SKAA for each stakeholder. This process identified which SKAAs are the most important overall. The result is a ranking that include the importance weighting for each stakeholder.

Matrix 2: SKAA vs. Core Course (for each major - Industrial, Manufacturing) - Using SKAA's ranked from most important to least important, all core courses in each major was evaluated to see what the current SKAA coverage was for each. Column totals reveal how much each individual course covers SKAA's. Each row total shows how much each SKAA is covered in the curriculum. The rankings of SKAA row totals compared to stakeholder ranking reveals both areas of strength and potential weakness in the curriculum.

Matrix 3: SKAA vs. Methodology (final, modified version)- The IME faculty developed a complete list of current, and potential teaching methodologies. Each methodology was evaluated against each SKAA for "potential" effectiveness and assessment capability. The resulting rankings indicate which methodologies have the most potential benefit in achieving and evaluating desired outcomes. Some methodologies are easily implemented by individual faculty members on a discretionary basis. However, the main benefit of the results of this assessment are to identify methodologies that require department support and standardization. These methodologies need to be considered in future planning. The faculty used these findings to identify department supported educational methods and practices.

Matrix 4: SKAA vs. Assessment Tool (final, modifed version) - The IME Assessment Team put together a list of existing and potential assessment tools. This list was presented to the faculty and modified. Each assessment tool was rated for its potential effectiveness in assessing the degree to which each SKAA has been effectively taught. Individual and department assessment tools were included. These results are important to decide which assessment tools should be supported at the department level and planned for in advance.

Matrix 5: Assessment Tools vs. Core Courses (for each major - Industrial, Manufacturing) - Using the list of assessment tools decided as being the most appropriate and effective, each core course was rated as for the potential effectiveness of the tool. This matrix gives each faculty member a more complete list of assessment options for the courses taught.