Cal Poly Pomona IME Colloquium - Winter 98 Speakers
Theme: What a Young Engineer
Should Know About...
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 Qualifying For and Getting a Good Job

Larry Phelan
Director of Quality, Beckman Instruments
  #1 Qualifying For and Getting a Good Job - What are employers looking for today in their entry level engineers. What should you be doing so that you are prepared for those first job interviews.

 Graduate School

Craig Stark, P.E.
BSIE Cal Poly Pomona., MBA - Claremont Graduate School
Bob Pliska
BS Nuclear Engineering, Michigan, MBA Pepperdine, MSQA CSU Domiguez Hills
  #2 Graduate School - What are the alternatives, advantages and disadvantages of various options. What does it really take to succeed.

 Career Strategy

Dr. Marv Abrams
General Dynamics, Lockheed, Cal Poly Pomona
Mr. David Marcroft

Prof. Phil Rosenkrantz, P.E., General Motors, Cal Poly

   #3 Career Strategy - Coping with Ups and Downs - Panel Discussion - How to manage your career so you are in control. How to read the road signs of change. Tips on how to leverage yourself into your next job. : Each speaker presented about 25 minutes of remarks. Questions were entertained both during and after the panelist's remarks.

 Becoming a Consultant

Lynne Uribe, P.E.
Uribe and Associates, BSIE Cal Poly Pomona
  #4 Becoming a Consultant - Advice on how to prepare for, start, and maintain a consulting career. What to expect and how to keep working.

 Corporate Culture and Company Politics

Bob Addicks
General Motors, Hughes Aircraft , ARCO Marine. BSIE, GMI Engineering & Management Institute, M.S. Environmental Studies, CSUF
  #5 Corporate Culture and Company Politics - What are "corporate culture" and "company politics". How to be effective in the corporate world. Do's and Don'ts for those just entering the corporate scene.

 High Performance Work Habits

Prof. Phillip R. Rosenkrantz

Ms. Vicky Davis

  #6 High Performance Work Habits - Tips for the high achiever on how to excel in the workplace as a member or leader of a team, sales representative, or entreprenuer. How to prepare and tips on how to be successful.

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