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Assessment Documents
April 19, 2016

Flow Charts, Outcomes, Definitions, Curriculum Maps

WASC BS Industrial Engineering Assessment Rev2

WASC BS Manufacturing Engineering Assessment Rev2

Engineering Mangement Graduate Program Assessment_2015

Meaning, Quality, & Integrity of the Degree (MQID) Statements (April 2016) IE MFE

IME Assessement Flow Chart

IME Student Learning Outcomes (updated Oct 2010) Mission & Educational Objectives

IME Assessment Processes (Table of processes, instruments, frequency and criteria)

IME Student Learning Outcomes Corresponding to ABET a-k and Cal Poly Pomona Learning Outcomes – 10/19/ 2008

IME Program Educational Objectives (desired results for alumni 3-5 years after graduation)

IME Student Outcomes Curriculum Map (updated October 2015) IE MFE

IME ISKA Definitions for Curriculum Map (updated March 2011)

IME Assessment Master Plan - Assessment Instruments vs. Student Outcomes

Comparison of IME KSAA Definitions to Bloom's Taxonomy and Kirkpatrick's Levels of Evaluation

IME KSAA Master Grid - How topic areas are deployed in courses

Survey Intruments

Copy of IME Objectives Alumni Survey (not active)

Copy of IME Outcomes Assessment Survey (effective Fall 2007) not active

IME Advising Survey (7/24/2010 results comparing Fall 2007 to Spring 2010)

IME Course Outcomes Assessment Survey Form (Use Prior to Fall 2007)

IME Senior Project Rubrics and Related Assessment Documents:

IME Objective Assessment Grid

IME Objective Assessment Grading Rubric

Assesment Results & Presentations

Results of IME Alumni Survey for 2008 Curriculum

Results of the IME Projects Symposium Survey Gap Analysis 2008 - Gap Analysis File 2008-12 Update

Summary of Results from College of Engineering Projects Symposium Gap Analysis (2008-2012) (Presentation at CIEC Conference, Mesa, AZ, February, 2013)

Conference Presentation: Industry Involvement in Developing Soft Skills for Students in the College of Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona .pptx file

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