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Charlie Wysocki / Renford Reese NFL Dreams, Wilkes Barre Time Leader
by Joe Petrucci, August 23, 2004

Renford Reese Tackling Emitt Smith
Florida's Emmitt Smith (NFL Hall of Famer) is snagged by Vandy's Renford Reese inside the Vandy 10-yard line.

"Renford Reese, shown running down a Duke tailback, moves from safety to cornerback this season."
Vanderbilt cornerback Renford Reese breaks up a pass attempt to Tennessee receiver Alvin Harper.

Renford Reese sacks Kentucky quarterback Glenn Fohr.

Vandy's Renford Reese brings down Alabama's Heisman
Trophy candidate, Bobby Humphrey.

Renford Reese presented with the "Defensive Back of the Year"Award at Vandy

Vidoe of Renford Reese on the Vanderbilt Commodores

Highlight Clip: #3

Reese traveled back to Nashville for Vandy's Music City Bowl in 2012
and Vandy's Compass Bowl in 2014 (photo with former teammates).

Dr. Reese played intramural football for 15 years at Cal Poly Pomona with students. He was the quarterback and the coach.
His teams won 5 CPP championships and one National Invitational Championship over the years.