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Take PLS 3041: "The Politics of Crime" offered during the Summer Session 2021 and Spring Semester 2022. In this course, students take a prison tour and have a Q&A session with the in-custody population. Students also conduct field research interviews with parolees who have been recently released from prison. See Group Project videos.

Professor Reese's "Politics, Policies, Pop Culture" class poses with guest
speaker, the legendary British TV director/producer, Terry Hughes, who
produced "Friends," and "Golden Girls," among other popular television shows.

PLS 3821: Politics, Policies, Pop Culture
D-4 Social Science Synthesis
Discuss the dynamics of race, class, gender, and identity through the lens of pop culture; Debate Censorship v. 1st Amendment; produce RAP VIDEOS in this class.

Take PLS 3175: "NGOs and Social Service Outreach," during Fall 2021 Semester. Create your own nonprofit organization in this course and travel to Vancouver and do an internship with a nonprofit during the winter intercession, January 3-16, 2022.