This web page supports a capstone senior level undergraduate course in the Urban and Regional Planning program at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The course is part of a larger effort concerning Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in California (see Travel Characteristics of Transit-Oriented Development in California). The focus of the class is the Los Angeles - Pasadena Gold Line light rail system--its functioning, ridership, future potential, and station area TOD issues and opportunities. Four of the thirteen stations were selected for detailed study. The Winter/Spring 2004 class consists of five teams that are focusing on issues and opportunities within a half-mile radius of the station areas. The study includes reports on the Sierra Madre Villa, Allen, Highland Park, and Chinatown stations and an overall system-wide analysis. The goal of this website is to share useful information pertaining to TOD and receive input and advice for future plan proposals and policy recommendations. The links below provide access to Issue and Opportunity Reports, TOD Resources, a threaded message board for questions and answers, and a link to corridor maps.

Instructor: Richard Willson. Web page created by Scott Naples. Please direct comments to