Division of Student Affairs Overview

Our Mission:

The Division of Student Affairs creates environments of student success, respect and engagement that facilitate learning and growth within a culture of collaboration, assessment and innovation.

Our Vision:

Engage Learners.
Build Community.
Transform Lives.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Goals & Priorities

Foster a learning-centered culture

Cultivate student learning and success and the “learn by doing” philosophy in all of our programs and services.

Create a culture of evidence

Create and evaluate student learning outcomes for each service and program area and implement improvements based on assessment data and program review.

Enhance resource management

Effectively prioritize and generate resources to enhance current offerings, seek efficiencies, and implement new initiatives and technology.

Forge collaborative partnerships

Strengthen and support collaborative partnerships to facilitate the work of the university in achieving its mission and goals.

Engage in professional development activities

Improve individual and organizational performance through active engagement in professional associations and continuing education.

Enhance student engagement

Enhance the sense of community & expectations for co-curricular involvement at Cal Poly Pomona and provide resources to help students obtain quality advising build meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, administrators and other students.

In support of the University’s value on environmental sustainability, The Division of Student Affairs strives to identify and advance sustainable practices in our operations and encourages other departments to do so as well. Information on the Green Space program may be found by going to: http://www.powersavecampuscpp.org/greenspaceprogram.htm