Campus evacuation

  • Building evacuations will occur when a building alarm sounds and/or you receive notification from a building marshal, floor captain or designated emergency personnel.
  • If no emergency personnel are present, an individual may leave the building if, in his or her opinion, imperative circumstances dictate that safety is jeopardized by remaining in the building. Contact the University Police Department at 9-1-1 or (909) 869-3070 to advise them of your evacuation.

Building evacuation

  • Sound an evacuation alarm via the building alarm system, shouting or any other means.
  • Confirm building alarms that are used to start an evacuation and what the “all clear” signal is. Building marshals and floor captains will be using an evacuation checklist to ensure that everyone is out.
  • Building occupants will be directed away from the incident to a staging area strategically located away from the incident. Re-entry into buildings will be denied until it is safe to return.

In the event your building is evacuated:

  • Take all valuables, keys and emergency supplies with you.
  • Walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and ask others to do the same. Do NOT use the elevators.
  • Assist disabled personnel in your building.
  • Move away from the building safely and quickly. Go to your designated evacuation site.
  • Do NOT congregate between buildings. Do NOT leave campus unless advised to do so by a building marshal or floor captain or emergency personnel.
  • Report to your building marshal, floor captain or designated emergency personnel, who will keep track of employees from your area.