Hazardous Materials

Chemical and infectious material spills

1. If an immediate fire hazard exists or medical assistance is required, CALL UNIVERSITY POLICE at 9-1-1 or dial (909) 869-3070 from a cell phone.

2. Give your name, location of the spill, nature of the spill (type or name of chemical/infectious agent), extent of the spill (how large), where the spill is headed, time you first noted the incident, etc. The police dispatcher will ask you for more details.

3. Evacuate the area and wait for assistance.

4. For spills not involving IMMEDIATE danger to life or property:

  • Confine the spill.
  • Evacuate the immediate area and limit access.
  • Notify your area supervisor and your building marshal.
  • Any spill that can potentially cause injury to a person or property must also be reported to the Environmental Health & Safety Department, (909) 869-4697.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN UP THE SPILL unless specifically trained to do so.
  • It is preferable that only emergency personnel trained to deal with chemical or infectious hazards should enter the contaminated area when equipped with personal and respiratory protection.
  • Do not leave the scene until instructed to do so.

Radioactive material spills

  • Call the Environmental Health & Safety Department, (909) 869-4697.
  • Identify the precise radioactive contaminant and its specific activity (e.g., Iodine-125, 10 microcuries).
  • Keep all persons as far away from the accident scene as possible until help arrives.
  • Perform lifesaving rescues and emergency first aid.
  • Avoid spreading contamination. Confine the spill and limit access and traffic. To prevent further contamination, keep all persons involved with the incident at the scene until they are monitored.

In case of injuries or ingestion of radioactive material:

  • Employ every effort to reduce or restrict the spread or dispersion of the radioactive material.
  • When the skin has been broken and becomes contaminated with radioactive material, immediately wash the wounded area thoroughly under a stream of cold water into a catch basin.
  • Accidental ingestion or swallowing of radioactive material should be treated like some of the other types of poisoning. In this case, it is recommended that you induce vomiting into a catch basin while waiting for emergency personnel.