College of Science

Annual Staff Awards

In conjunction with the Staff Recognition Quarterly Award, the Annual Award acknowledges the extraordinary performance of a College of Science staff member. Presented at the College of Science’s Staff Christmas Luncheon in December, the annual award honors those whose on-the-job achievements surpass expectation and raise the bar of excellence yet another notch for the College of Science community.

“The Staff Recognition Annual Award places the focus on an important staff team member who has enthusiastically pitched in to make the College of Science the best possible environment for students, faculty, staff, and administration,” said past Dean,  Donald Straney. “It is the ultimate accolade and demonstrates how important staff is to the success of our programs.”

In November, the Staff Awards Selection Committee ranks the quarterly award recipients and recommends three names to be discussed with the dean for selection of the annual honoree. Awardees receive a certificate, a plaque, lunch for two at The Ranch, as well as the much-coveted free parking pass for the next calendar year.

Annual Staff Award Recipients (ENDED DEC. 2017)

  • 2016: Benjamin Lucas, IST II (BIO)
  • 2015: Christina Schwaller, ASA II (MAT)
  • 2014: Susan Yamada, Op. Specialist (BIO)
  • 2013: Sandra Magallanez-Gutierrez, ASC II (CHM)
  • 2012: Eloise Pro, IST III (BIO)
  • 2011: Mike McAtee, Eq. Tech II (GSC)
  • 2006: Floyd Howell, IST III (CHM)
  • 2005: Ruben Navarro, System Admin. (CS)
  • 2004: Floyd Howell, IST III (CHM)
  • 2003: Doug Johnson, Eqpt. Tech. III (PHY)
  • 2002: Charlotte Martinson, AOA I (COS-Dean's)
  • 2000: Andrea Vestey, IST III (BIO)