College of Science

Distinguished Teaching Award Application

Here's your opportunity to nominate an outstanding professor for the 2018-2019 College of Science Distinguished Teaching Award.

Outstanding professors of lecture courses, laboratory courses, or independent study projects are accepted.

Please consider these following outstanding characteristics when selecting your nominee: inspirational, understanding, kind, enthusiastic, challenging, caring, thorough, stimulating, clear, et cetera.

The Award Selection Committee values your input, and thanks you in advance for your participation in this important process.

Award Selection Committee:

  • Dr. Mohammad Husain (Computer Science) - Chair
  • Dr. Bohdan Schatschneider (Chemistry and Biochemistry) 
  • Dr. Jascha Polet (Geological Sciences) 
  • Dr. Dr. Edward (Eddie) Jo, (Kinesiology and Health Promotion) 
  • Dr. Jennifer Switkes (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Dr. Kurt Vandervoort (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Dr. Angel Valdes (Biological Sciences)