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Crystallography Co-op and X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD) Featured on InlandEmpire.US


Computer Science Students Acknowledged- Time Magazine 

time password safety

CSU Hackathons Fostering Innovation in Students

CSU Hackathon Winners

Joe Needleman Continues to Gain Attention for Hack- TPO Magazine 


Professor Ángel Valdés of the Department of Biological Sciences, Natures Weirdest Events

Professor Valdes

Andrea Bonisoli Alquati, Professor of Biology, Leads Sparrows Study 

Professor Alquati

Professor Peter Arensburger of Biology and CEMaST Featured in CSU Tested and Proven Magazine

Professor Arensburger

Cal Poly Pomona Gave Mich Hamlin the Support and Stability He Needed to Thrive- CSU

Mich Hamlin

Computer Science Major, Joe Needleman, Held the First Passcode Cup Capture the Flag Challenge- The Atlantic 

joe needleman

The Milky Way Project is Gaining Traction, Making Its Way Onto the Front Page of The LA Times Foothills Reader

milkyway project

Matthew Povich and The Milky Way Project Were Featured on KPCC- Southern California Public Radio 89.3

kpcc Milky Way Project

The Milky Way over Joshua Tree National Park

Photography by NPS/ Brad Sutton (VIA Joshua Tree National Park on Flickr)

Become a Citizen Scientist and Help The Milky Way Project Uncover our Home Galaxy 

Professor Matthew Povich and Physics major Tharindu Jayasinghe showing off their newly designed Milky Way Project website

Milky Way Project 

Dr. Stieber makes strides to fight cancer, discovering a key component in anti cancer drugs 

Dr. Chantal Stieber - Assiantant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 

Dr. Chantal

College of Science's 2016 Cyber Security Camp featured in the LA Times Foothill Reader

Cal Poly Pomona hosts Cyber Security Camp


Professor Goes Out of His Way to Push the Learning Boundaries for Students

Dr. Mohammad Husain - computer science professor

Mohammad Husain

Foster Care Kid Graduates College Through Cal Poly Program - NBC LA

Growing up homeless with two drug-addicted parents, 23-year-old Mich Hamlin joined the 3 percent of foster care kids to graduate college, doing so with honors.

Julio Vaquerio presenta un reportaje que explica como los estudiantes indocumentados podrían recibir millones de dólares en becas.

Monday, June 27, 2016

MAA FOCUS Magazine - August/September 2016 - When Prison and Graph Theory Meet - Jenny Switkes and Devonna Alatorre

MAA Focus Magazine cover

An article in the MAA Focus magazine by Jenny Switkes and Devonna Alatorre (an undergrad) about their project teaching graph theory to prison inmates.  


A Montclair student who grew up homeless overcame many challenges to graduate from college with honors. (KABC) - By 

Mich Hamlin

Education Outdoors at Cal Poly Pomona- Educator Magazine 

Mike Brown of Cal Poly Pomona leads students through the BioTrek on campus

BioTrek Educator Magazine cover

Jennifer Switkes, teaching Math to the Most Underserved - Prisoners



College of Science's 2016 Discovery Camps featured on front page of the Foothill Reader

Cal Poly Pomona’s purpose is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers

Summer Camps


Dr. Steve Alas and Financial Aid Director Saul Ramirez were featured on Telemundo's Enfoque in February.

Eliminating barriers and creating pathways for minorities to obtain a higher education.

Dr. Steve Alas and Saul Ramirez


Professor Alex Small talks to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin about the science of Star Wars in his office at Cal Poly Pomona.

(Photo by Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin) 

I’ve got a bad feeling about the Science of Star Wars

I’ve got a bad feeling about the Science of Star Wars

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New Diffractometer Gives Undergrads Access to Latest Technology

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Pizza with the Presidents to Feature Semester Conversion College Tour

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Students who want to delve deeper into what they need to do to prepare for Semester Conversion over a couple of slices of free pizza...

Marine Biologist Discovers Three New Species of Sea Slugs

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Two Alumni Play Big Roles in Games as Head Trainers for Clippers and Lakers By Esther Chou Tanaka Through sweat and determination,...

Eclipse Provides Unique Opportunities for Faculty & Students

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On Monday, Aug. 21, the daytime sky will darken with the first total solar eclipse visible in North America since 1979. Four Cal Poly...