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Computational Lab for Chemistry Department
Photo: Chevy Goldstein Computational Chemistry and Physical Chemistry Labs renovation

A Cal Poly Pomona chemistry professor’s legacy came full circle in May, when two state-of-the–art chemistry labs were unveiled in her honor.

The newly renovated Chevy Goldstein Physical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry labs were made possible by a $300,000 donation from the sister of Professor Elisheva “Chevy” Goldstein.

Read more about the Chemistry labs honoring Professor Goldstein

Student Scholarships

Support for undergraduate and graduate scholarships helps to ensure future and current students have access to a "learn by doing" education. Scholarships help Cal Poly Pomona maintain access to our unique programs and attract top students. Above all, scholarships provide a foundation from which students can achieve their academic goals and go on to contribute their skills to the world. Please consider how you can help open doors to a life changing education for students.

Endowment Support

By contributing to an existing endowment or establishing a named endowment, you will provide on-going sources of funding for students, faculty, programs, buildings, and activities for future generations to come. Because the corpus is not spent and a portion of the earnings is reinvested, an endowment lasts in perpetuity, enabling you to have a lasting legacy that will benefit future students.

There are many endowment opportunities and funding levels available at the College of Science. The areas of need where endowments can have the greatest impact are listed below.

University Chair

The University Chair is the highest ranking and most prestigious position in the University. It enables the President to recruit scholars of national and international stature with highly distinguished records of teaching, research, and publication or creative activity in a particular field, or cross-disciplinary fields.

Dean's Chair

The Dean's Chair provides discretionary funds that enable deans to implement their vision for developing new programs or launching new strategic directions. Funds will be allocated by the dean to build outstanding departments and programs and to maintain and enhance the quality of the college they lead. Funds can also be used to supplement the dean's salary at the discretion of the President.

Chair/Director (of programs or centers)

Support for a full professor to conduct research and teaching projects for faculty.

Chairs provide the competitive edge universities need to attract top-level administrative and faculty talent. Funds may be used for scholarly activities or salary support.


Endowed fund to support an existing professor. Provides the competitive edge in attracting and retaining senior or junior faculty who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments or show remarkable promise. It can also support a visiting professor for a one to three year period.

Faculty Fellowship

Establishes a faculty position on a term basis to enable the pursuit of promising research. Faculty fellowships promote faculty development by providing summer or sabbatical stipend plus expenses for tenure track faculty to pursue research, curriculum or service projects. Post-Doctoral Fellowships invigorate a particular discipline by bringing young scholars to conduct research and engage with faculty and students.

Lectureship or Seminar Series

To establish an endowment for visiting professors that provides continuous support for a lecture series. Lectureships enable the University to support a faculty member in developing and teaching a new course curriculum or to bring distinguished scholars, writers, and artists to campus to engage faculty and students for a defined period of time.

Graduate Student Scholarship

Endowment for a scholarship covering educational expenses. Can also be used for research.

Undergraduate Student Fellowship

Covers a stipend for a student conducting research and/or travel needs.

Faculty/Development Funds

In support of faculty developing their careers through study, research, travel, publishing, and professional activities.

Teaching Support Funds

Endowment developing new courses, new course materials, or experimentation with new teaching approaches.


To support the purchase of educational equipment, donors will be recognized by a plaque attached to or placed near the item, if feasible.

Student Recognition Grant

Endowment income provides an annual grant to a student. Donor designates the field and criteria.