College of Science

Application Deadlines

All periods when applications are accepted, and deadlines for filing materials, are determined by the University. The Biological Sciences Department sets no deadlines. Although usual deadline dates are listed below, all deadlines used are those determined by the University. Consult the Admissions Office Deadline page to be certain about current deadlines.

The university will generally accept applications for Fall Quarter. Other quarters may or may not be possible. Deadlines for applications and supporting documents (e.g. transcripts) are subject to change, as the university attempts to coordinate student demographics with the budget situation. Consult the Admissions Office Open/Closed Program page to determine if the university is accepting applications for a particular quarter, and what the current deadlines might be.

If the university is accepting applications for a particular quarter it is best to file your application during the "Priority Filing Period". Applications filed during the "Priority Filing Period" for an open quarter will be given consideration. Applications filed after the "Priority Filing Period", even if filed prior to announced deadlines, may be returned (and fees refunded) without consideration at the discretion of the university.

The "Usual Deadline" is the normal deadline for each quarter. These dates are set by the Admissions Office, and are subject to change. Check the Deadline page for the most current information.

Priority Filing PeriodUsual DeadlineSupplementary Materials Deadline

Fall: October 1 - November 30 of previous year

April 1

May 2

Winter: June 1 - 30 of previous year

October 1 November 2

Spring: August 1 - 31 of previous year

January 15 February 15

Summer: February 1 - 29 of the same year

Applications for Summer will not be accepted.


The Biological Sciences Department does not have deadlines or closures other than those imposed by the university.

Deadlines for filing applications and supplying supporting documents vary. Consult the Admissions Office.