College of Science

Change/Declare Major or Minor FAQs

1.  How to Declare/Change my Major?

  • The requirements for switching majors to any major within the Biological Sciences Department has changed, effective immediately. Students must fully meet all of the conditions below before applying for the change of major. 
    All of the following conditions must be met prior to petitioning the change of major.
    1) Student must complete BIO 1210/L and BIO 1220/L (or BIO 121/L, BIO 122/L and BIO 123/L)with a grade of C or higher in every component.
    2) Students must have successfully completed 2 full semesters (or 3 full quarters) at Cal Poly Pomona.
    3) Student must have a 3.25 minimum CPP GPA
    4) Student must have a 3.25 minimum overall GPA.
    5) Student must be in Good Standing with the University.
  • Any change to the majors in the Biological Sciences Department will need faculty advisor approval. Please bring a Biology Advising Form, which has to be signed by a faculty advisor in the major (for a list of advisors click here)
  • Once this step is completed fill out a Change of Major or Option Form e-form found here, attach the completed Biology Advising Form, and submit for approval.


2.  Can I Take Double Majors?

  • Double majors are not allowed within Biological Sciences majors
  • A student may have one of the majors in Biological Sciences and another major outside of Biological Sciences
  • Please read the University Double Majors Policy.  Basically, you are allowed to request a second major if you could complete both majors within 48 units above the units required for your primary major.


3.  How to Declare a Minor?

  • Please read the University Double Majors or Minors Policy.  Basically, you are allowed to request up to two minors if you could complete all within 36 units above the units required for your major.
  • A list of minors offered by the Biological Sciences DepartmentTo declare a minor, make an appointment with the designated faculty advisor for the minor program to discuss your plan and how you could complete the requirements without delaying graduation.  After approval, the advisor will send a request through BroncoDirect.  The minor should show up in your BroncoDirect within a week as a “plan” under your major
  • To delete a minor, you will also need to schedule an appointment with the faculty advisor designated for the minor program and request a deletion through BroncoDirect Advisor Request.
  • Minor Program Course Approval Form is used ONLY when there is a deviation from the course requirement after you’ve declared a minor.  Please make an appointment with the minor faculty advisor to obtain approval using the Biology Advising Form.  Once approved by the faculty advisor, the Department Chair will be able to sign your Course Approval Form.