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Biology Learning Assistants and the Biology Learning Center



Discoveries in the area of biology help feed the world, keep us healthy, provide valuable sources of energy, and help protect the environment. We need biologically literate citizens! But it can be a challenge to learn all the concepts and terminology of biology at a rapid pace. The Department of Biological Sciences is committed to supporting all students in their journey through the life sciences. We want to help you learn.

Biology Learning Assistant program hires some of our best undergraduate students to help faculty in large lecture classes to promote active learning, help faculty develop assignments and activities that incorporate the practices of science and critical thinking, and tutor students. The tutoring they offer is free of charge! Come learn from the best—about biology, how to study, and what you can do as a biologist.

The Biology Learning Center is located in Building 4, 1st Floor, room 403. Hours are posted for each course separately. Come join the fun!

Biology Learning Center Hours

Click on the tabs on the bottom of the Excel sheet to find the hours for your course.