College of Science


Mission Statement

The Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is the central hub through which the College of Science promotes excellent and effective STEM teaching and learning at all levels. Our mission is to promote, practice, and study research-based practices in science and mathematics education to enhance teaching and learning in our community.

In support of this mission we have the following goals:

  • Be an effective partner and leader with local schools and community agencies in promoting, practicing and studying science and mathematics education and nurturing initiatives with local schools and community agencies.
  • Be a productive partner and leader in improving pre-service teacher education.
  • Be exemplary teacher scholars by disseminating and demonstrating research-based knowledge to improve curriculum and instruction in science and mathematics K-16.


Dr. Nicole Wickler, a professor and research director with Cal Poly Pomona at the Center for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching speaks to TWC Local Edition host Brad Pomerance about a funding grant to work with educators at the Pomona Unified School District to encourage students to consider the fields of math and sciences, among other topics.