College of Science

How to Become a Teacher

Steps to the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Science at Cal Poly Pomona

The Single Subject Credential Program is changing under the semester conversion.  Please contact CEMaST to schedule an appointment at (909) 869-4063.

Here is the link with the latest information:

Step 1

Admission to the University: Apply online at Credential programs do not award a degree, so be sure to indicate that you seek a single subject credential in the appropriate field.

Step 2

Take 4 prerequisite courses (prerequisites to application to credential program)

  • Introduction to Contemporary Schooling (TED 405)
  • Foundations of Educational Computer Literacy (GED 400/L)
  • Educational Psychology (TED 406)
  • Education in a Diverse Society (TED 407)

Step 3 (this step may be done simultaneously with Step 2)

Complete and submit the Program Admissions Packet (for entry into the credential program itself). For more information see

Step 4

Take the Core courses

  • Secondary Reading & Literacy (TED 432)
  • Secondary Curriculum and Methods (TED 434) offered Fall only, possibly Spring if sufficient demand
  • Secondary Writing and Literacy (TED 442)
  • Planning and Presentation in the Secondary Classroom (TED 446)

Submit Application for Clinical Practice. For more information see:

Step 5 (can be done at any time in the program)

Take two courses and satisfy the US constitution requirement

  • Introduction to Special Education (EDS 403 *may be taken earlier in the program)
  • School Health Education (KIN 441 *may be taken earlier in the program)

For more information see do workshop

Step 6

Take Directed Teaching courses

Clinical Practice I

  • Secondary Clinical Practice 1 (TED 435)
  • Teaching Performance Assessment (TED 440)
  • Seminar (TED 436)

Clinical Practice II

  • Secondary Clinical Practice II (TED 437)
  • Teaching Performance Assessment (TED 441)
  • Seminar (TED 438)

Step 7

Complete and submit Application for Preliminary Credential