College of Science

Chevy Axelrad Goldstein Awards & Fellowships

These prestigious opportunities are available to undergraduate and graduate students due to the generosity of the family of our late colleague, Dr. Elisheva "Chevy" Axelrad Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein's passion for research with students is recognized through these awards.

Chevy Axelrad Goldstein Student Research Awards

This award recognizes outstanding student research efforts with Chemistry and Biochemistry Department faculty. Students must be nominated by a faculty member for consideration and will be invited to apply. A panel of faculty will review the nomination packages and make the award.


  • 2018- Timothy Siu, Nathan Wagner 
  • 2017 - Phan Phu
  • 2016 - Nicole G. Perkins
  • 2015 - Zaid Sheikh
  • 2014 - Nicole Berry, Nicholas Dew
  • 2013 - Daudi Bogonko, Stacy Tuey
  • 2012 - Alyssa Martinez-Finkle, Anna Mkrtchyan
  • 2011 - Ivonne de la Torre, Nancy Kedzierski
  • 2010 - Alex George, Allen Mok
  • 2009 - Steven Dutz, Kevin DuPrez
  • 2008 - Marc Bell, Andy Lee

Chevy Axelrad Goldstein Student Research Fellowships

Fellowships will provide students, under the guidance of a Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Faculty member, with a $1,500 stipend each quarter (Su, F, W, Sp) to conduct their research projects. In addition, students may apply for a supplemental budget allocation to cover the cost of specialized items necessary to carry out the work. Applications consist of a written proposal developed in collaboration with the faculty research mentor in the Spring quarter preceding the first summer in which research will be conducted. Students will be given stipends upon recommendation of satisfactory progress each quarter.

Fellowship Recipients

2014-15 - Hassan Fakkhredine, Yue Zhou