College of Science

Undergraduate Courses as Graduate Electives

The following undergraduate courses are those that currently may be approved as part of a Computer Science Master's Degree program contract:

  • CS 356 Object Oriented Design and Programming
  • CS 411 Compilers and Interpreters
  • CS 420 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 435 Database Systems
  • CS 445 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CS 450 Computability
  • CS 460 Secure Communication
  • CS 499 Special Topics for Upper Division Students

No more than two of the above courses may be included in a contract.

As soon as a student determines that he or she does want to include one or two of these courses as part of his or her program, the contract should be filed to make certain that inclusion of the course(s) is approved. Note that graduate credit for any of these courses taken while a student is in undergraduate status, can only be granted if a petition is filed in advance of taking the course. See details at Graduate Courses Taken by Undergraduate Students.