College of Science

Instructions for Faculty Assessing Courses

All required courses will be assessed.

At the end of the quarter, instructors should submit a folder representing that offering of the course.

A folder contains three things: Discussion, Expectations, and Materials.

Discussion - This is your analysis of this offering of the course. It is a narrative which typically includes the following information:

  • Course overview - include the grade distribution
  • Impressions of how well the students learned the required material
  • Suggestions for change
View an example discussion which was completed for a past offering of CS 140 (PDF).

Expectations - Print the online Course Outcomes form for this course. For each outcome, indicate whether you do or do not expect most students to have met that outcome. Also for each outcome, indicate which specific instrument (e.g. Homework 3, Exam 1 Problem 5) measured student competence on this topic.

Materials - Instructors should collect all materials which they distribute: syllabus, quizzes, exams, homework assignments, other handouts. Examples of student work are collected periodically for use with our Assessment Coordination Meetings and when course learning outcomes change - you will be notified if you need to collect student work.

Repeated Assessments - If you turn in a complete folder for a course, then you are excused from assessing that course the remainder of that academic year.