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The Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz/Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) Scholarship

Paul Hiemenz"Since 1965, Cal Poly Pomona's campus has been blessed with Paul's dedication and commitment to teaching excellence. Even in high school, Paul was attracted to the idea of teaching chemistry. His experiences as a teaching assistant in graduate school "cinched the deal". After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry at the University of Southern California, he worked briefly as a research chemist for Dow Chemical Company. With our good fortune, Paul didn't abandon his dream to teach. He accepted a faculty position to teach general and physical chemistry courses at Cal Poly Pomona. Dr. Hiemenz introduced courses in polymer chemistry and colloid and surface chemistry. These courses continue to be offered regularly by the Chemistry Department. He has also authored two textbooks, Polymer Chemistry and Colloid and Surface Chemistry in his career. In 1987, Dr. Hiemenz volunteered to start SEES. And shall I say, the rest is history? Paul, I think the number of people in this room indicates the love shared by students, faculty and staff. We all hate to see you retire but know that you will always be in the hearts of your Cal Poly Pomona family."

President Bob Suzuki, May 27, 1999...

"Within the walls of the College of Science, most faculty and staff know the name Paul C. Hiemenz. When asked, most associate Paul's quiet demeanor, fairness, and developed sense of humor with his scholarly interests and achievements. As the Dean of the College, I commend him for his continued enthusiasm for teaching, learning and effectively addressing the needs of individual students. 1987 was a good year for the College of Science when Paul began his "adventure" as the SEES Program Director. In 1990 the National Academic Advising Association recognized the SEES Program as an Outstanding Advisement Program. At the same time it recognized Dr. Hiemenz as an Outstanding Advisor. I first learned of the SEES program in 1992. At that time it was the only thing I knew about Cal Poly Pomona, and it was more than enough to attract my interest when the opportunity came to move here. Paul, your dedication…your commitment…truly exemplify the best that we have to offer. For years to come, the whispers of your caring concern will echo throughout our halls. Thank you for serving us so well."

-Dean Simon Bernau, May 27, 1999


The Scholarship

  1. The Scholarship will be called the Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz/Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) Scholarship.
  2. Each Scholarship will be a minimum of $500. The number and amount of annual awards are subject to annual change depending upon the available pool of endowment earnings. If the Selection Committee concludes that no worthy candidates have applied during the year, it may elect to make no award. The SEES Department encourages a family representative to be present to make the award. This gives students a better opportunity to understand Dr. Hiemenz's dedication to teaching and overall enthusiasm for learning.
  3. The recipient will be honored at the annual SEES reception. A plaque listing the names of all recipients will be placed in a prominent position near the Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) Office.

Selection of Recipients

  1. The goal of the scholarship program is to award one or more scholarship(s) annually to recognize at least one SEES student that demonstrates academic excellence, financial need and qualities of leadership. 
  2. To qualify for scholarship consideration, and applicant must be an active participant of SEES; must be registered with the Cal Poly Pomona Financial Aid Program; and must submit a complete SEES Scholarship Application packet to the SEES Office before the posted deadline date.
  3. A complete application packet will include the SEES Scholarship Application Form, a personal statement and official transcript(s) of all university course work.
  4. The personal statement will address the applicant's interests, activities, accomplishments, and career plans.
  5. Previous awardees are ineligible for consideration. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply if they maintain eligibility.
  6. Selection will be based on academic record and promise as evidenced by the required application materials and unmet financial need, as determined by the University Financial Aid Program.
  7. The awardee selection process will be administered by the SEES Director and other Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz/SEES Scholarship Selection Committee members.

Scholarship Selection Committee

  1. The Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz/SEES Scholarship Selection Committee will be comprised of the SEES Director, a SEES alumni representative, and a SEES student representative. 
  2. Scholarship guidelines and procedures, including number and amount of awards, are subject to periodic review by the Selection Committee. Annual scholarship guidelines, procedures and related information will be reflected in program announcements.

Endowment/Scholarship Fund Management

  1. Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. will manage the investment of the Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz/SEES Scholarship endowment fund.
  2. The principal of the Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz/SEES Scholarship will forever remain intact. The minimum award amount will be $500: scholarship amounts and number of awards will be determined by the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will seek to exhaust available annual earnings from the Endowment as scholarship awards