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$100,000 Bernard O. Lane Endowment Created for Geological Sciences

Bernard O. Lane

Some teachers are the kind who spend a lifetime building a living legacy in their students, others have a knack for nurturing an emerging department into a comprehensive program with high academic standards and a history of excellence. Dr. Bernard Lane, whose career as a professor of paleontology spanned 25 years, was talented in both respects. And now his widow, Sally Lane, has created an endowment in his name that will help maintain the high caliber of Cal Poly Pomona's Paleontology Department.

Proceeds from the $100,000 endowment will fund the Bernard O. Lane Paleontology Laboratory in the new science building. The endowment will ensure the latest in laboratory equipment, maintain the fossil collection and support the position of "student curator". The curator would be responsible for establishing and maintaining a database and catalog inventory for all fossil, rock map, and mineral specimens. Lane created the university's paleontology lab and was founding faculty member of the Geological Sciences Department.

Lane was known for his easygoing nature, punctuated by a dry, eclectic sense of humor. He taught invertebrate paleontology, geomorphology, historical geology, physical science, and fundamentals of earth science. His courses were challenging and thought provoking and he often loved to play "devil's advocate", making outrageous statements and then watching the reactions.

"He had a great love and respect for students" from Dr. Lawrence Herber, professor emeritus of geological sciences. "He was a kind and gentle person. He was able to see potential where some of the rest of us didn't."
Lane was a native of North Carolina. He received his doctorate from the University of Southern California.