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Dr. Vincent E. Parker Physics Scholarship

Vincent ParkerFamily and friends of Dr. Vincent E. Parker, former College of Science Dean and Professor of Physics, are being asked to donate, to an endowed scholarship, to be awarded to students majoring in Physics. This scholarship will honor Dr. Parker's dedication to the College as our first dean and his commitment to academic excellence in Physics.

President Bob Suzuki, May 27, 1999...


The Scholarship

  1. The Scholarship will be called the DR. VINCENT E. PARKER PHYSICS DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP. Dr. Parker served as the first dean of the College of Science from 1967 to 1978. He resigned from the dean’s office and returned to teaching in the Physics Department and retired in 1983. Soon after, he became chair of the Physics Department.
  2. The Scholarship will be a $500 sum awarded annually at the College of Science or Physics Department Scholarship Recognition Reception.
  3. The Physics Department encourages a family representative to be present to make the award. This gives students a better opportunity to understand Dr. Parker’s dedication to teaching and overall enthusiasm for learning.
  4. A plaque briefly describing the purpose of the award, and listing the names of all recipients, will be placed in a prominent position within the Physics Department Office.

Selection of Recipients

  1. This scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student who demonstrates academic excellence and a commitment to the study and understanding of Physics. It will recognize academic excellence by awarding scholarships to students with a minimum of 3.0 grade point average in Physics core courses and a 2.5 overall grade point average earned within the last four years.
  2. To qualify for the Scholarship the student must be classified as a Sophomore, Junior or Senior Physics Major who has completed at least three full-time quarters at Cal Poly Pomona, and at least five quarters of physics.
  3. The Department will post a scholarship announcement in the College of Science Building and send a copy of the announcement to the College of Science Director of Development and the Financial Aid Office. Application deadline will be the end of the fourth week of the Fall Quarter. Candidates must apply for the Scholarship through the Physics Department Office. The application includes a one-page letter to the Physics Department describing academic accomplishments and plans and transcript(s). Scholarship recipients may re-apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship Selection Committee

  1. Considered as the DR. VINCENT E. PARKER PHYSICS DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP SELECTION COMMITTEE, all Physics Department faculty members will review applications and select the candidate in Fall Quarter.
  2. The Department will send a memo stating the Name of Scholarship, Scholarship Amount, Academic Year Awarded, Scholarship Account Number, Student Name, Student Social Security Number, Student Address and Student Telephone Number will be sent to the Director of Financial Aid ., Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, and the College of Science Director of Development.
  3. Changes in the scholarship guidelines and additional scholarship awards will be considered annually when the Selection Committee meets.

Endowment/Scholarship Fund Management

  1. Cal Poly Pomona University Educational Trust (UET) will manage the investment of the DR. VINCENT E. PARKER PHYSICS DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP endowment fund.
  2. The principal of the DR. VINCENT E. PARKER PHYSICS DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP will forever remain intact. A minimum of $500 will be awarded using only the investment proceeds from the endowment.
  3. The Dr. Vincent E. Parker family strongly encourages the Scholarship Selection Committee to annually award all available investment earnings to eligible students.

Award Recipient List

Amount AwardedQuarter and Year AwardedAward Recipient
$100.00 Spring 1986 Philip Dafesh
$100.00 Spring 1986 Nevin Oliphant
$100.00 Spring 1987 Ron Armale
$100.00 Fall 1987 Ron Armale
$100.00 Winter 1988 Ron Armale
$100.00 Spring 1988 Ron Armale
$100.00 Winter 1990 Daniel DeSlover
$100.00 Winter 1990 David Rapchun
$100.00 Spring 1990 Daniel DeSlover
$100.00 Spring 1992
$100.00 Winter 1991 Eric Sirko
$100.00 Spring 1991 Eric Sirko
$100.00 Fall 1991 Eric Sirko
$100.00 Winter 1992 Eric Sirko
$100.00 Winter 1992 Ty Buxman
$100.00 Winter 1992 David Riggins
$100.00 Spring 1992 Ty Buxman
$100.00 Spring 1992 Eric Sirko
$300.00 Fall 1992 Ty Buxman
$300.00 Fall 1992 Chuong Le
$300.00 Fall 1993 Bill Degraffenreid
$300.00 Fall 1993 Jason Foat
$300.00 Fall 1994 Jay Farihi
$300.00 Fall 1994 Josef Mohr
$300.00 Fall 1994 Geoffrey Simms
$300.00 Fall 1995 Jay Farihi
$300.00 Fall 1996 Luma Beran
$300.00 Fall 1996 Elizabeth Romotsky
$300.00 Fall 1997 Steve Guertin
$300.00 Fall 2000 Jeannie Anderson
$300.00 Fall 2001 Krista Banks
$300.00 Fall 2001 Charity Heman
$300.00 Fall 2001 Susan Hoppe
$300.00 Fall 2002 Jeannie Anderson