College of Science

Academic Advising

Advising Questions

For basic advising questions, submission of graduation plans, and approval of petitions, please see the College of Science advisors:

College of Science Advisors
Location: Building 3 Room 1645

Drop In Hours College of Science Advisors
Please visit the College of Science Advising Center website for their Drop-in hours.

Your Career Advisor

The below advisors can assist you with career-related guidance based on your option.

Name & Email Office Phone
Dr. Laura Chase 66-211 909-869-2794
Dr. Kristine Fish 66-209 909-869-2785
Dr. Beth Foster 66-218 909-869-6819
Dr. Ken Hansen 66-220 909-869-4638
Dr. Edward Jo 66-205 909-869-5499
Dr. Michael Liang 66-207 909-869-2770
Dr. Andrea Metzker 66-217 909-869-2783
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