College of Science

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Research Laboratory (HRPL) at Cal Poly Pomona is a state of art research facility that is dedicated to advance the science and application of training methodologies, nutrition, and technique for optimum human health and performance.

This lab is also a performance testing facility that offers a range of assessments for athletes and active populations. Testing procedures include, but are limited to:

  1. Body Composition via DXA or Bod Pod
  2. Aerobic capacity or VO2 max testing
  3. Cardiac stress testing with or without VO2 assessment
  4. Electromyography for muscle activation testing
  5. Vertical jump, agility, and speed tests using equipment like Fusion Sport Smart Speed timing systems, Vertex, and Fit Light.
  6. Reaction time testing using Fit Light and Fusion Sport Smart Speed systems
  7. Wingate Anaerobic Tests
  8. Road cycling simulation and time trial testing

Please contact Dr. Eddie Jo for any inquiries regarding physiological and/or performance testing.

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