College of Science

KHP Club By-Laws

Kinesiology Health Promotion (KHP) Club -
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Founding Date: February 23, 1965


Section 1. GENERAL

The Kinesiology & Health Promotion- KHP Club exists for the betterment of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Section 2. SPECIFIC

This state organization is designed to further help the students by exposing them to experiences in health, physical education, exercise science and/or related subjects to help gain a professional attitude toward the working world, and also serve as a service club and social outlet while the students are in college.


The Kinesiology & Health Promotion (KHP) Club shall not be discriminatory in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, gender, physical or mental ability, marital status, financial or social status.


This organization and/or its members, when taking stands on issues, recognizes and will fulfill the obligation to make clear that it/they in no way represent(s) the official position of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.


This organization and/or its members, when conducting organizational business, on or off campus, recognizes and will uphold the University’s Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy.

Article II NAME

The official name of the organization shall be the Kinesiology & Health Promotion (KHP) Club, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.



This organization, pursuant to its charter obligation, shall maintain a trust account with the ASI Business Office. Pursuant to the California State University Board of Trustees, the Executive Orders 648 and 731 states that all funds received on behalf of the University, its auxiliaries or affiliated organizations are required to be administered through the campus’ Chief Financial Officer, the Vice President of Administrative Affairs. Student clubs and organizations are identified as affiliated organizations. The policy further states that any account with a bank or financial institution not approved by the campus’ Chief Financial Officer is strictly prohibited.

Section 2. USAGE

All monies of this organization shall be deposited in, and disbursed from, this account following procedures outlined by the ASI Business Office


Should this organization become inactive by failing to apply for charter renewal, the trust account will be held as an inactive account for two (2) academic years. In the event this organization does not become active during the two (2) year period it is hereby declared that any funds remaining in said account are to be transmitted to The American Red Cross (100 Red Cross Circle Pomona, CA 91768), an educational, charitable organization to aid this organization in carrying out its objectives. If said organization is no longer functioning at that time, or if its objectives are no longer consistent with its original educational, charitable purposes, then the funds of this organization shall be transferred to the Associated Students, Inc., California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, general fund.


Membership must constitute a minimum of 5 CSU students enrolled in at least one class. Up to 20% of the organization may be individuals who are not CSU students. Only students enrolled at the CSU campus may vote on issues that come before the organization.


(List the categories, defining each in a separate sub section [i.e. Active, Associate, Alumni, Honorary]. Indicate the criteria for each type of membership. Care must be taken that this section does not contradict Article 1, Section 3 above, and that the student privilege of active membership [such as voting or holding office] is not restricted by any of these categories.)

The only category of membership is the active member.

Section 2. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS (Active Members)

Active members must be members of the Associated Students, Inc. at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Membership is open to all majors with an accumulative GPA of a 2.0 or above. An active member must attend a minimum of two meetings and be involved in a minimum of one event per quarter equaling a minimum of 20 points on the Membership Point System. Members will be responsible for paying dues for either the academic year or each quarter. Members must pay dues by the fourth club meeting of Fall Quarter for yearly membership; quarterly membership dues are to be paid by the fourth club meeting of every quarter.

Section 3.

A point system will be used to track club members’ activities and participation throughout their membership. A minimum of 150 points will be required total to be eligible to wear a KHP graduation tassel and/or pin.


Members may be suspended for disorderly conduct, gross misdemeanor, or other behavior unacceptable to our organization. A member may be suspended or removed for the above stated reasons following a hearing by the membership of the organization.


All club officers must be enrolled at the university and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. Officers must be enrolled in at least 9 units per quarter for a minimum of two quarters.


The elected club officers known to be the Executive Board shall be named President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The appointed club officer chosen by the elected president and officers, Member at Large, also known as the Social Chair for the KHP Club is a non-elected club officer who shall be recognized as part of the Executive Board. There may also be a Marketing Chair, Fundraising Chair, Community Service Chair, and Events Chair who shall also be appointed by elected president and officers. There must be an odd number of officers on the Executive Board.

The club will have at least the following five officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Social Chair.

Section 2. DUTIES

(The duties of each officer must be described in detail, listing according to the order of Section 1 above. Be sure to specify who has the authority to expend organizational funds, call special meetings, etc. Be certain to use non-discriminatory language such as he/she or they.)

The President shall preside over all meetings and has authority to call regular, special, and Executive Board meetings. He/She shall have the authority to expend club funds, subject to the approval of the membership. The President shall also be in charge of all delegating matters to get all activities and events organized. He/She will be the representative for Science Council, for any concerns or wishes the KHP Club and/or its members wish to bring to the attention of the Council, unless unable to attend; the responsibility can then be assigned to the Vice President, an executive board member/officer, or an active member. He/She works with the Treasurer to prepare an annual budget to present to the Science Council and ASI.

The Vice President shall preside over all meetings the President is unable to attend and shall have authority to expend club funds in the President’s absence, also subject to membership approval. The Vice President shall also be available to help with any extra organizing and or delegating. Each Vice President is responsible for organizing guest speakers for their individual options. Vice President will be the scheduler for the club, attend scheduler meetings, and request for rooms or event spaces for club events.

The Secretary shall take the minutes of all business meetings. He/She shall further be charged with the responsibility of club correspondence. He/She shall stay in contact with the Social Chair to be sure all Science Council meetings are attended. They will attend any Secretary Meetings or trainings and regularly submit meeting or event notes to Science Council upon request.

The Treasurer shall keep record of credits and debits and shall report to the club at business meetings the balance on hand. He/She shall prepare the annual budget and, upon approval of Board Members and Advisors, present to Science Council. The Treasurer shall also be in charge of collecting dues and helping out where needed for meetings to run smoothly. They will help submit or help guide officers in submitting reimbursement forms, manage the club’s budget, and manage the club’s bank accounts.

The Social Chair shall organize profitable fundraisers that are economically sufficient for raising funds for the club and plan low cost social events for club bonding. He/She will be the Science Council representative and attend Science Council meetings every other week throughout the academic year. The Social Chair will act as the liaison for the KHP Club and Science Council. He/She will update the Council of KHP Club activities as well as rely information from the Council to the KHP Club.


At the time of running, assuming office, and during tenure in office, an elected officer must meet all of the eligibility requirements as stated by the University. He/she will sign a Statement of Eligibility form when assuming office, and thereafter will accept the responsibility of monitoring his/her own grades and unit load to meet these requirements each quarter he/she is in office.


(Specify how and when motions to remove an officer from office are made, whether from the floor, by petition, by an officer’s motion during an officer meeting, by a committee, or by any other means; do allow time for the officer to form and present a defense. For example: An officer may be removed from office if that person neglects the duties of their position or violates the organization’s bylaws. In order to remove an officer from an elected position, an officer must recommend the removal from office at an officer meeting or a special meeting, following the club meeting bylaws, Article VII. A minimum of one week must pass before the vote can be cast to remove the officer. The officer in question will be notified in writing of the removal from office recommendation, and will be invited to defend their position. A vote will be taken at this meeting; all officers are allowed one vote. Majority vote decisions are final and non-reversible. Once an officer is removed from office, the procedure for filling a vacancy, Article VI, Section 5, entitled Vacancies, will be implemented.)

All Executive Board Officers and Committee Chairpersons are required to attend all events unless absence is approved by the Executive Board prior to the event. Every meeting or event missed will result in a deduction of at least five points from the membership point tally. Three or more unexcused absences will result in a suspension from the position. Reinstatement of a suspended officer or committee chairperson will be decided by the Executive Board Officers.

In addition, if officers are not able to maintain the grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 and take at least 9 units, they will first be given a warning and placed on probation for one quarter. Upon that quarter, if their GPA does not improve above a 2.0 or they take at last 9 units, they will be subject to removal from office.



Nominations of officers will be allowed from the floor at the third to the last meeting of Spring Quarter.


Election of new officers for the following academic year shall be held during the second to the last meeting of the Spring Quarter. Election dates will be decided by the current executive board.  Out-going officers shall continue in their capacity through the Spring Quarter and will be charged with the instruction of duties to incoming officers.

Section 3. PROCEDURE

Election shall be by secret ballot, which will be counted by the advisor or the graduating seniors of the executive board. There must be a plurality of the vote for all officers to get elected. In the case of a tie, there will be a run-off election, where we will re-vote on the two candidates either on the same day or the following week.


Term of office for all officers and committee chairpersons shall be one school year beginning tenth week of the spring quarter, or the week after finals of the spring quarter.

Section 5. VACANCIES

Any vacant office occurring shall be filled by a special election. If there was a runner up for the position during the elections, they will be offered the position. If any vacancies were to occur and there wasn’t a runner up for the position, an emergency email would be sent out for applicants to apply for the position, during which the active executive board and the advisor will vote on to fill the vacancy.


Candidates for office must have been an active club member for at least two quarters. Overall grade point average for candidates is 2.0 and above, take at least 9 units, and must be a Kinesiology major.



Regular meetings will be held on every Thursday of the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters during university hour (12:00pm-12:50pm) unless otherwise specified.


A quorum must be present at all special meetings and only the business for which a special meeting is called may be transacted at the meeting. The President or the Advisor may call a special meeting. All members must be notified through e-mail, phone calls, or another form of notification. In the case that the President is not present, the Vice President may call for a special meeting, as applied due to certain circumstances.


The active members in attendance will constitute a quorum and will be sufficient for the transaction of any official business requiring a vote. The majority vote by the club members present will be acknowledged as the official say in any club matter. The final vote, if there is a tie, shall be decided by the President or by the advisor.



At the time of assuming responsibility for a committee and during tenure in office, a committee chair must meet all the eligibility requirements as stated by the university.

Section 2.

Specify standing committees, if any; how they are chosen; and their duties using a separate section of this article for each such committee. If the organization has an Executive Council or an Executive Committee, that should be listed as the first Standing Committee.

Club members will take part in the planning and participation of all committees to allow for greater social interaction. These committees consist of marketing and recruitment, community service, fundraising, and events. The incoming executive board will determine if a committee is wanted or required. If so, the number of positions appointed must be an odd number. The incoming President and Executive Board shall appoint committee chairpersons before the last meeting of the Spring Quarter. At the time of assuming responsibility for a committee, and during the term in office, each chairperson must meet all eligibility requirements set forth by the university and the KHP Club Officer By-Laws.

The Marketing Chair shall be responsible for maintaining the KHP Club website, KHP Club Facebook page, and any other means of promotional and marketing mediums. He/She shall also be charged with the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining membership levels and generate creative ideas to market and promote the KHP Club. He/She shall also help out in
other areas, as requested by the Board Members.

The Event Chair shall organize at least two events per quarter and will be charged with the responsibility of hosting the Senior Luncheon at the end of the year. He/She shall also follow all rules and guidelines per event, as stated by ASI and the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.

The Community Service Chair is responsible for organizing at least two community service events each quarter. He/She shall also follow all rules and guidelines per event, as stated by ASI and the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers. 

The Fundraising Chair shall organize at least two fundraising events each quarter. He/She shall also follow all rules and guidelines per event, as stated by ASI and the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.

In the case that no committee is appointed, the duties of the Marketing Chair will be issued to the President, Secretary, and the Treasurer. The duties of the Community Service Chair will be directed toward the Vice President. The duties of the Event Chair and the Fundraising Chair will be done by the Social Chair.

Article X DUES

Ten dollars dues per quarter or twenty-five dollars dues per year are required by each member to gain and retain active membership and shall be paid to the Treasurer by the fourth meeting of each quarter. If prospective members have certain financial issues, they may be mentioned to the Treasurer to establish a certain payment agreement, such as a split payment.



The Kinesiology & Health Promotion- KHP Club shall have an advisor over 21 years of age who shall be a full-time or part-time member of the faculty, administration, or staff of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Part-time staff, faculty, and administrators are permitted to advise an organization upon university approval. The advisor may not be on leave of absence at any time during his/her term of appointment. Advisors shall not be employees of auxiliary organizations.


After an advisor has been nominated by the organization and approved by his/her Department Head, final approval and actual appointment will be made by the Director of The Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers. If the advisor is the Department Head, then the immediate supervisor would also need to approve before final appointment is made by the Director of The Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers

Section 3. DUTIES

The advisor’s responsibilities include attendance and participation in as many organizational meetings and activities as is practical, signing all forms related to the scheduling of activities and the disbursement of funds, and the other duties outlined in Office of Student Life & Cultural Center’s Advisor’s Guide.



Amendments are made to clarify the organization of the club, with the intent of the best interest of the members. Amendments are added or changed when it conflicts with the interest of the club. The problem will first be issued to the club’s executive board members and advisor, who will decide or vote if the issue at large should be adjusted into the amendments. If the executive board and advisor cannot come to an agreement, the issue will be voted on by the club as a whole.

Section 2. APPROVAL

All amendments to these By-Laws shall be filed with Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers, submitted with the Change of Amendment Form, indicating the date and method of adoption. Revisions shall be incorporated into a fully revised copy of the proposed By-Laws. Any amendment(s) which change(s) the purpose or intent of the organization or substantively modify the proposed By-Laws shall be submitted within 90 days for approval by the University before taking effect.


These By-Laws shall not conflict with the By-Laws of the Associated Students, Inc., or with the policies and regulations of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, the Trustees of the California State University and Colleges, or the State of California. Any stipulations applying to all registered organizations made by the university shall be considered to be immediately enforceable, whether contained in these By-Laws or not.

Revised- August 2015
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