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ELM Prep Workshop Info and FAQ

I didn't place into a college-level math class?!

1. Why do I need to attend an ELM Prep workshop?

Every year students are placed into math classes below their skill level due to poor scores on the Entry Level Mathematics exam. The ELM prep workshops are designed to help you improve your score on the ELM exam. The goal of the ELM Workshop Project is to see more students place correctly into the course best suited for their needs and success in meeting their educational goals.

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2. When are the workshops?

No further workshops are scheduled for the current academic year.

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3. Where are the workshops held?

Workshops are held on the Cal Poly Pomona campus in the math department computer lab.

You will be contacted by the Workshop Coordinator with information on how to find the location of the workshops. The Workshop Coordinator will send you a campus map and parking instructions.

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4. How do I sign up for the workshops?

Sign up for the workshop using the online Registration Form.

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5. Who do I contact if I have questions about the workshops?

You can send an email to and someone will reply with answers to your questions.

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6. How much do these ELM Prep workshops cost?

Cost is $38 for 6 weeks access to Aleks software program.

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7. How do I pay for the software for the workshops?

You will need to register with the Aleks software and pay for an access code.  You will be contacted by the Workshop Coordinator with the the Workshop Course Code and instructions on how to register and pay for the Aleks software.

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