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Anooshian Scholarship

This page is dedicated to Dee Anooshian, 4/29/22 - 1/16/12. Her love and support for Barney and his passion for children will live on.
Barney Dee

Award Recipients

2016 Mika Chan
2014 Aasia Aguirre
2013 Bryanna Wehr
2012 Danielle Duenas
2012 Sarah Graham
2011 Kinga Matuski
2010 Chelsea Bowerman
2008-09 Jeremy Yamada
2007 Tina Jones
2007 Kasia Young

2006 Ben Miedema
2005 Tania Totten
2003-04 Violeta Casteneda
2003-04 Tara Chance
2002 Victoria Preston
2001 Sarah Uyeshima
1999-2000 Christine Amba
1998 Fernando Saltos
1997 Lisa Olsen
1996 Deanne Rodriguez

1995 John Poortman
1994 Amy Sodek
1993 Kris Rote
1992 Ron Burris
1991 Kelli Cochran
1990 Alison Stowell
1989 Sheri Castro
1988 Roisin Courtney
1987 Dana Wulf
1986 Ana Magdesian

In June of 1986, Dr. V. Barney Anooshian retired from Cal Poly University serving in the Department of Kinesiology & Health Promotion (formerly HPERD - Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance) for twenty-eight years. To honor Barney for his involvement in the Motor Development Clinic, a scholarship was established in his honor. The following guidelines have been established for the selection of the scholarship recipient.

Recipient Requirements:

The recipient should be a clinician in the Motor Development Clinic in good academic standing. She/he should meet all the requirements of the clinic training program and served as a clinician at least three (3) quarters. 2014 Anooshian Scholarship Winner: Aasia Aguirre with Barney Anooshian

The recipient should have a record of volunteer help for related programs above and beyond the normal duties expected of clinicians. (For example: Saturday fun days, MDC open house events, special olympics, summer program involvement, public school aiding, etc.)

The recipient should demonstrate a willingness to improve upon and/or increase knowledge relating to education of all handicapped by working toward the APE credential and by attending appropriate conferences, clinics, workshops, lectures, events, and activities. She/he should be dedicated to preparing themselves as a professional in all their programs which will improve the quality of life for the handicapped.

The recipient should possess some character traits including but not exclusive to the following: humor, energy and empathic treating of those in their charge.