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Schedule and Fees

Schedule & Fees


The Motor Development Clinic is partially self-supportive, thus fees for the services rendered have to be charged. A one-time fee is charged for the assessment battery which includes the administration and scoring of the tests, a brief assessment summary, and an individualized movement program. There is no charge for the consultation with the parent, clinic director, and clinic coordinator. The assessment fee is based on the number of assessments administered. A fee for the participation in the Motor Development Clinic is also charged.

Schedule & Times

The Motor Development Clinic offers three sessions each year which follow the university's semester system. For the fall and spring semesters, the clinic operates for approximately ten weeks, meeting once or twice a week, for 50 minutes each session. The clinic opens in early afternoon with the first session usually beginning at 3 p.m. and subsequent sessions throughout the afternoon.

For the summer session, the clinic operates within a more condensed schedule. Participants attend for longer periods each day, but for fewer weeks, approximately five weeks. The groups are larger than the school year program and all individuals participate in the same activities.


The specific activities for each session are arranged by the CPP student with approval from the clinic coordinator. The tasks presented to the participant are sequenced, leading to the accomplishment of the movement program goals and objectives. At the conclusion of each school semester session, a re-evaluation of goals and objectives occurs. This information is shared with the parent in a semester evaluation report.