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Enrollment Information

Parents, school districts, or other interested parties can email or call the Motor Development Clinic for an application form. If an opening is unavailable, the child's name is added to the current waiting list. When an opening does occur, each child and family will become involved in the following process: 1) assessment; 2) consultation meeting with parent and clinic staff; 3) a written movement program will be developed by the clinic coordinator and clinic director; and 4) initiation of the movement program, including the skills and goals.

The movement program contains recommendations, goals, and objectives which aid the CPP student to develop appropriate lessons. All activities are approved by the clinic coordinator.

All assessments, movement programs, and other materials developed for the participant are given to the family. Upon request, and when appropriate, copies of this material can be sent to other agencies working with the individual.

The following registration forms are available in PDF format.

Application, Health and Development History (PDF)

Physician Form (PDF)

Medical Consent/Release Form (PDF)

Agreement and Release (PDF)