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2013 Anooshian Scholarship Winner: Bryanna Wehr with Barney Anooshian

The Anooshian Scholarship

Established Summer 1986 in honor of Barney Anooshian.
This scholarship is awarded yearly to the Motor Development Clinic outstanding teacher who has shown dedication and understanding to children with disabilities.

The Anooshian Endowment

Established in 2009, helps fund Cal Poly Pomona student scholarships.

The Blumner-Franklin Endowment for Children

Established Fall 2001 in honor of Annette Blumner, special education teacher and administer.
Scholarships are for children in need, to participate in the Motor Development Clinic.

The Blumner-Franklin Equipment Endowment for the Motor Development Clinic

Established in 2005 to help buy needed equipment for the Motor Development Clinic.

The SEEDS Scholarship

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