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Research Opportunities for Pasadena City College Students

Research Opportunities for Pasadena City College students interested in studying Environmental Biology at Cal Poly Pomona during the Summer of 2014.

The STEM Bridge Program is offering several stipends for students interested in gaining research experience. A $400 stipend will be awarded to students willing to commit at least 40 hours or more to a project. The following labs have openings: Contact the faculty directly for more information and possible projects and strat times. Download an application and email to a faculty member listed below.
  • Ed Bobich, Ph.D., ( Associate Professor. Functional plant morphology. All plant structures and processes are affected by their environment. In our lab we try to link interesting and novel plant structures, like lignotubers in walnuts, or cells, such as gelatinous fibers in desert plants, to their function. Thus, our research often incorporates several different fields, usually plant anatomy, biomechanics, and physiological ecology. Students in the lab have studied plants in the local woodlands, coastal sage scrub, and the Sonoran Desert and have addressed some long-standing questions through their research.
  • Joan M. Leong , Ph.D., ( Professor. Plant-insect interactions; pollination ecology, agricultural crop pollination; biology and ecology of native bees, foraging behavior of bees, conservation and restoration of vernal pool habitats; plant reproductive biology.
  • Erin Questad, Ph.D., ( Assistant Professor. Research questions in my lab relate to global change and the conservation of plant species diversity. My interests span several fields, including plant community ecology, restoration ecology, and invasion ecology. Three main questions of emphasis are: 1) How does environmental heterogeneity affect species diversity and conservation? 2) How has global change altered the interactions between native and invasive species? 3) How can plant functional traits guide the restoration of ecosystem processes?
  • Marcia Murry, Ph.D., ( Applied Algology. Our lab is involved in developing technologies for large scale cultivation of microalgae for bioremediation, biofuels and animal feeds. Our emphasis is on developing rapid fluorescent techniques to monitor algae growth, photosynthetic efficiency, and nutritional value and to optimize productivity.

Summer 2014 Internship Application (PDF)

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