College of Science

Josh Zeeman

Josh Zeeman at a LACMA field trip
After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona in 2012 with my B.S. in Physics I went on to receive my teaching credential a year later. I am now teaching Physics and Earth Science at a local high school. Thanks to the amazing professors, tight knit student community, and the LA program at Cal Poly Pomona I am doing what I love and changing the lives of students every day.

Josh Zeeman graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2012 with his B.S. in Physics and went on to receive his teaching credential a year later. He is currently teaching Physics and Earth Science at a local high school.

“My desire to pursue a career in teaching began at a young age, influenced by my grandmother and my fourth grade teacher focusing my extra time into helping my classmates. The Physics department at Cal Poly Pomona took my raw career vision and focused it into a skill that I could utilize in the real world. Math and science were always my favorite subjects in high school and Physics seemed like a great fusion between the two. Throughout my time at Cal Poly Pomona I was able to delve into teaching more and more while researching with professors and participating in the Learning Assistant program, both of which enhanced my drive to become a teacher.

While teaching high school I have seen the impacts that I have had on my students, especially in physics. Every day I have the opportunity to open the minds of children to the vast and complex world of physics. I have had the opportunity to attend AP Conferences, RISE teacher training, and even the National Science Teachers Association Conference, all of which have further developed my teaching skills and pedagogy through the exchange of ideas with teachers from around the country. I have learned that the most important aspect of teaching is constantly reflecting and improving on my own method of teaching. This year alone I have improved leaps and bounds through the trials of teaching, with my students teaching me more than I could learn from books alone.

For now I know that I want to be a teacher for a very long time. The idea of a career in administration does not appeal to me because of the sense of importance in connecting with students that Cal Poly Pomona taught me. Being on the front lines and interacting with students every day is what I love about teaching and that is what will keep me teaching for years to come.”