College of Science

CAMPARE Students


Chris Macias
Chris Macias stands in front of one of the LBT’s two mirrors at the University of Arizona Steward Observatory


  • Jason Alonzo

    Jason Alonzo

    In the summer of 2012, I received the privilege to conduct research through the CAMPARE program with the SETI Institute at NASA Ames Research Center: Astrobiology Institute (NAI).

  • Baldwin

    Alex Baldwin

    At the center of each galaxy is a massive matter-munching black hole. As the galaxy spins around, getting sucked into the singularity, it picks up speed and energy, forming an accretion disk.

  • Cabrera

    Mario Cabrera

    This summer, I had the opportunity to work with the NEOWISE team led by my mentor Dr. Amy Mainzer and co-mentor Dr. Joseph Masiero of JPL.

  • Castellanos

    Aaron Castellanos

    In the Summer of 2012 I had the privilege to work at the SETI Institute under the mentorship of Dr. Gerry Harp, a trained quantum mechanic and the new director of the Center for SETI Research.

  • Chilton

    Heather Chilton

    That first day up at the SETI Institute was not my first time meeting my mentor. It wasn't even my second: A year prior, I had emailed Dr. Phillips about attending an Enceladus Meeting at the SI, which is where I first

  • Austin Cole

    Austin Cole

    For the better part of the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to work at the University of Arizona's Astronomy department under the guidance of Dr. Josh Eisner. Even though I am not a physics major, I have always been strongly interested in astronomy, so being able to work at Steward Observatory was truly amazing.

  • Lindsey Kabot

    Lindsey Kabot

    This summer I had the opportunity of traveling to Tucson, Arizona as part of the CAMPARE program. I was very fortunate to have worked with Dr. Nathan Smith of the Steward observatory.

  • Nicole Sanchez

    Nicole Sanchez

    During the summer of 2012, I had the wonderful experience of working as a research assistant at the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona.

  • Gabriela Serna

    Gabriela Serna

    Gabriela is working on a physics major and math minor at California State University, Fullerton. Her true passion lies in astronomy and she hopes to, one day, become a professor of physics or astronomy to share her passion. In the summer of 2012, she participated in a two-part summer REU in Arizona.

  • Remington Sexton

    Remington Sexton

    As a physics major interested in stellar astrophysics, I find it very appropriate that I spent my summer in Tucson, a city whose temperature rivals that of the Sun's.

  • Alec Vinson

    Alec Vinson

    Over summer 2012 I was given the opportunity of working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena. I was incredibly excited to learn that I would be getting a chance to intern there.


  • Hawkins

    Clint Hawkins

    Over the summer of 2011 I had the extremely fortunate opportunity to work with Dr. Josh Eisner of the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona.

  • Steven Jasso

    Steven Jasso

    This summer was an amazing experience for me. I had the opportunity to work Dr. John Bieging and Dr. Yancy Shirley, who were very kind and incredibly helpful to me in their advising on this project.

  • Saldivar

    Hector Saldivar

    During the first half of the past summer, I was privileged to work with Camp Director Don McCarthy from the University of Arizona where we spent approximately a month up on Kitt Peak Observatory for three different camps


  • Ashley Curry

    Ashley Curry

    The summer of 2010 is one i will never forget. I had the opportunity to work with the most amazing mentor, Dr. Rachel Mastrapa, along with 18 of the finest REU students.

  • Courtney Lemon

    Courtney Lemon

    This summer, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Don McCarthy of the University of Arizona, where I basically spent a month up on Mt. Lemmon, Kitt Peak, Mt. Graham, and more.

  • Steffi Valkov

    Steffi Valkov

    In the spring of 2010, I received an opportunity to conduct research through a summer internship at the SETI Institute. As an aerospace engineering student, I entered the research program with a feeling of intimidation due to the often conflicting nature between engineers and scientists.

  • Stephanie Zajac

    Stephanie Zajac

    The blistering summer sun shines from its perch in the painfully blue and utterly cloudless sky. As I walk, I can see the ripples of heat radiating up from the ground ahead of me.


  • Gonzaga

    Vicente Gonzaga

    Research at the Allen Telescope Array last summer didn't quite meet my expectations as a mechanical engineering student. I'd always presumed engineering research to embody the classic "engineering" setting: noisy machines and a dust-grease atmosphere blurring scores of buttons and monitors.

  • Villar III

    Gregory Villar III

    It was a clear night in December of 2006 and I remember standing inside the extremely large structure. I was waiting cold and anxiously in the dark. After a few minutes, I heard the gears start to turn and quickly looked