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At Cal Poly Pomona, our ‘learn-by-doing’ philosophy is center stage. The College of Science is committed to providing hands-on labs and cutting-edge research opportunities for our students. Learning from industry veterans in and out of the classroom, the College of Science provides industry-standard knowledge for students to gain the critical career and lab experience.

Intel Corporation Partners with the College of Science for Education and Research in Critical Cyber Infrastructure Security

PolySec Lab to Train Next Generation of Cybersecurity Students



Intel Corporation Partners with the College of Science for Education and Research in Critical Cyber Infrastructure Security


According to Forbes magazine, the cybersecurity market is the fastest growing technology sector. With cyber breaches occurring almost daily, companies are investing in the next generation of cybersecurity students as a way to curb cyber hacking.

Intel Corporation is joining forces with Cal Poly Pomona to bolster the next generation of cybersecurity professionals who will be trained to secure critical Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) such as Smart Grid and industrial control system.

The PolySec Cyber Security Lab, a center for education and research in information assurance, security and forensics of the Computer Science department, secured a $25,000 gift from Intel Corporation to acquire specialized hardware for CPS security training as well as curriculum development.  

This innovative industry lab will be shared with the academic community across the nation, and also facilitate faculty members in conducting research in this domain.

“Intel is a major player in the advancement of the cybersecurity ecosystem,” says Prof. Mohammad Husain, director of the PolySec Lab. “As our critical infrastructures are becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, there is a critical need to include the study of security in CPS in the existing curriculum. With Intel’s support, we will promote Cal Poly Pomona’s ‘learn-by-doing’ motto by the creation of a lab to facilitate the hands-on security studies in CPS across different departments of the campus. ”

“With Intel partnering with the College of Science, it shows that industry leaders are committed to investing into our cutting-edge cybersecurity training program,” adds Robert K. Kerbs, chair for computer science. “Working with Intel will ensure our program reflects what the market needs from our graduates.”

“Students trained with this lab support will have a strong background in security topics,” adds Hussain.  They will also receive excellent hands-on experience using security related hardware and software, including testing the security of cyber physical systems.”

Graduates with this training will help alleviate the large number of cyber-related job vacancies that currently exist. Some careers that may significantly benefit by the CPS security study are: industrial control system (ICS), network and system administrators, programmers writing code for control systems software, plant engineers and field technicians, control system vendor personnel and penetration testers as well as Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) members.