College of Science

RISE Intensive Graduate

The RISE Intensive-Graduate program targets master's-level students to provide them with the communication and analytical skills, extensive research experience, and planning strategies needed to pursue successful graduate school and research careers in biomedical science fields. The training is expected to culminate in the acceptance of the program participants into PhD programs in the biomedical sciences.

Students selected for the program work on original research thesis projects. Students participate in developmental activities that include journal clubs, specialty workshops with a focus on critical thinking and development of research skills, collaborative learning experiences, scientific seminars, research careers seminars, GRE (Graduate Record Examination) workshops and travel to scientific meetings.

Students accepted in the program are awarded a stipend as follows:

  • Summer - $14/hr x 40hrs of work/wk x 10 wks = $5600/student maximum
  • Academic Year - $14/hr x 16hrs of work x 39 wks= $8736/student maximum