College of Science

About Workshops

What an Academic Excellence Workshop is...

  • Advanced group-learning techniques for subject mastery that incorporate problem sets and expand student capabilities beyond the normal curriculum.
  • Student-centered learning environment (vs. a teaching environment) in which students demonstrate subject mastery to peers and learn test-taking skills. This work develops student skills in communication about technical issues and the ability to work effectively in groups.
  • Workshop leader-initiated processes that reinforce the value of, support the initiation of, and skills necessary for effective student-led study groups
  • Close and continuous (weekly or more often) status/progress meetings between the supervising faculty member(s) and the workshop leader(s).
  • Success oriented: aimed at high grades and no failing grades.
  • A supplemental learning experience that is closely related to a specific technical course. The workshop process includes integrating the course material into subjects that come before and those yet to come.

What an Academic Excellence Workshop is NOT...

  • Remedial learning, teaching.
  • An activity independent of the course section in which workshop participants are enrolled
  • A course-equivalent
  • A substitute for homework, or for doing homework
  • More lecturing
  • Group tutoring
  • Shadow class
  • Recitation section

students facilitate an Academic Excellence workshop