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Semester Conversion

Our Pledge to Students

Our Pledge to Students

In Fall 2018, Cal Poly Pomona will convert from a quarter-based academic calendar to a semester-based academic calendar. The continued success of our students is the highest priority during this conversion. The faculty and staff at Cal Poly Pomona commit to a two-way partnership with students to achieve a conversion that does not adversely affect the time to degree or cost of the degree.

The University’s Commitments

  • There should be no loss of credits applied to students’ degree requirements earned before the semester conversion.
  • The time to graduation should be the same as would have been the case had Cal Poly Pomona remained on the quarter system.
  • The university will provide timely and focused advising support and assistance to prepare an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) for undergraduate students (a) who wish to graduate prior to the conversion to semesters and (b) whose programs span the quarter-to-semester transition.
  • It will provide timely and focused advising support and assistance to prepare a Conversion Master’s Contract (CC) for graduate students whose programs span the quarter-to-semester transition.
  • Changes in policies and procedures shall be communicated to students in a timely manner.
  • Annual student tuition and fees under the semester system should not be greater than they would be under the quarter system. (CSU tuition fees, as well as campus based fees, may be adjusted as deemed necessary and authorized by the Board of Trustees and/or the campus president.).
  • Conversion should not adversely affect students’ financial aid.
  • Tuition and fees payment schedules as well as financial aid and scholarship disbursements will be aligned with the semester calendar in a manner consistent with the schedules that exist under the quarter calendar.

Students’ Commitments

  • Undergraduate students should remain until graduation in the major selected by the time they have completed 45 quarter units. Undergraduates who change their majors after completing 45 or more units may extend their time to graduation.
  • Graduate students are expected to submit a master’s contract no later than the end of the second quarter of attendance.
  • All students should: 
    • Develop an Individual Academic Plan (or a Conversion Master’s Contract if you are a graduate student).
    • Follow the IAP/CC timeline and revise as necessary to maintain the expected time to degree.
    • Meet minimum grade requirements.
    • Consult regularly with an advisor and follow advising instructions.
    • Satisfy all other graduation requirements as specified in the catalog.
    • Be flexible with choices of classes and times.
  • All students should keep informed about university policies and procedures. Email is the university’s official form of communication.

The university shall make a good-faith effort to support students through the conversion process. The university is not be responsible for consequences that occur as a result of students not meeting the above commitments.