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Academic Senate Meeting - March 7, 2018

Academic Senate Agenda

1. Academic Senate Minutes - February 14, 2018

2.  Information Items

  1. Chair's Report
  2. President's Report
  3. Provost's Report
  4. Vice Chair's Report
  5. Report Status
  6. CSU Academic Senate
  7. Budget Report
  8. CFA Report
  9. ASI Report
  10. Staff Report
  11. Semester Conversion Report
  12. WSCUC Report

3. New Business

4. Consent Agenda

  1. AP-004-178 Discontinuation of Agriculture, M.S. – Irrigation Science Option – SECOND READING
  2. AP-005-178 Discontinuation of M.S. Electrical Engineering (Self-Support) – SECOND READING
  3. AP-006-178 German Studies for the Professions Certificate – SECOND READING
  4. AP-007-178 Discontinuation of Administrative Services Credential – Experimental Program Standards – SECOND READING
  5. AP-008-178 Discontinuation of Autism Spectrum Disorders Added Authorization – SECOND READING
  6. AP-009-178 Dietetic Internship Certificate – SECOND READING
  7. AP-010-178 Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization – SECOND READING
  8. AP-011-178 Preliminary Education Specialist Credential, Mild/Moderate Disabilities – SECOND READING
  9. AP-012-178 Reading Certificate Added Authorization – SECOND READING
  10. AP-013-178 Physics, B.S. – Astrophysics Emphasis – SECOND READING
  11. AP-016-178 Intern Credential Program – SECOND READING

5. Academic Senate Committee Reports- Time Certain 3:45 p.m.

  1. AP-017-178, Amicable Split: Early Childhood Studies and Department of Education to Become Two Separate Departments within the College of Education and Integrative Studies – FIRST READING 
  2. AP-018-178, Amicable Split of Educational Leadership Doctoral Program and the Administrative Credential Certification Program from the Department of Education to Become Their Own Separate Department of Educational Leadership – FIRST READING 
  3. AA-003-178, Structure of Academic Programs Assessment Committee (APAC) – SECOND READING
  4. AA-004-167, Request for Review and Update of Campus Service Learning Policy – SECOND READING

6. Campus Master Plan Update- Time Certain 4:00 p.m.

  • Carolyn Krall, Architectural Firm – Ayers Saint Gross
  • Linsey Graff, Architectural Firm – Ayers Saint Gross
  • Dan Johnson, CPP Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction
  • Julie Tsang, CPP Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction