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Academic Senate Meeting - July 12, 2017

Academic Senate Agenda

1. Academic Senate Minutes - May 31, 2017

2.  Information Items

a. Chair's Report

b. President's Report

c. Provost's Report

d. Vice Chair's Report

e. Report Status

f. Budget Report

g. CFA Report

h. ASI Report

i. Staff Report

j. Semester Conversion Report

k. WSCUC Report

3.  Consent Agenda

a.  AP-017-167, Equine Science Minor - FIRST READING

b.  AP-028-167, MA in Education - Teaching and Learning Online Option - FIRST READING

c.   AP-041-167, Etrepreneurship Minor - FIRST READING

d.  AP-045-167, BS in Landscape Architecture - FIRST READING

e.  AP-051-167, BS in Communication - Multimedia Journalism Option - FIRST READING

f.  AP-052-167, BS in Communication - Organizational Communication Option - FIRST READING

g.  AP-053-167, BS in Communication - Public Relations Option - FIRST READING

h.  AP-054-167, BS in Communication - Interpersonal Communicaiton Option - FIRST READING

i.  AP-055-167, Multimedia Journalism Minor - FIRST READING

j.  AP-060-167, MS in Business Administration - Information Assurance Option - FIRST READING

k.  AP-061-167, BS in Food Science and Technology - FIRST READING

l.  AP-062-167, Horticulture Minor - FIRST READING

m. AP-063-167, BS in Plant Science - FIRST READING

n.  AP-069-167, Discontinuation of BA in Music - Music Education (Pre-Credential) Subplan/Option - FIRST READING

o.  AP-070-167, Discontinuation of BS in Animal Science - Animal Industries management Subplan/Option - FIRST READING

p.  AP-072-167, BA in Liberal Studies - Pre-Teaching Option - FIRST READING

q.  GE-029-156, LA 3261 – History I: History of Landscape Design – SECOND READING

r.  GE-045-156, LA 1771 – Reading and Representing the Landscape (GE Area E) – SECOND READING

s.  GE-079-156, VCD 2370 – Visual Thinking (GE Area E) – SECOND READING

4.  Academic Senate Committee Reports

a. AP-088-167, B.S. in Electronic Systems Engineering Technology - FIRST READING

b. AP-091-167, B.S. in Electromechanical systems Engineering Technology - FIRST READING

c.  AP-092-167, BS in Chemical Engineering - FIRST READING

5. New Business/Discussion